We can guess but we never really know what our pet is thinking. When they're laying in that bay window or on their favorite blanket or a pile of shredded newspaper-- What's going on in inside that furry head? Let's explore that together with a pet portrait! You decide what your animal wears, choose a meaningful backdrop and then I'll hand paint it. Each portrait takes a couple weeks to properly capture (insert pet's name here) essence. Once it's delivered, removed from the packaging (pets love packaging), and hung on the wall, your animal will fix its soulful gaze upon it and say to themselves, "Hey, that's me. This is so cool! Am I really that cute?" Yes. Yes you are.


12 x 12 $400

11 x 14    $450

12 x 16 $500

16 x 20   $550

18 x 18 $600

Other shapes and sizes available on request




16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas