A wolf in a jean jacket eats a cookie. A fox in a hot pink, Girl Scout outfit roasts a marshmallow. A parrot on a cherry tree wears a cape and crown. The themes found in Carly Beck’s art are simple— fashionable animals in grand interiors or wooded exteriors. But the worlds captured within are vibrant, touching and refreshing. Her regal pet portraits, intricately detailed store fronts and opulent rooms cohere into a singular vision that is part fashionista fantasia, part cat lady on acid.

Carly’s work has been converted to puzzles, serving trays and prints by Collyers Mansion. Inspired by 70’s Italian disco, she painted the storefront for the popular Highland Park eatery, Kitchen Mouse.  Swirling, floral, bird perched wallpaper prints are available at her website thisiscarlybeck.com. Carly lived in New York and then Los Angeles and now back to New York— so you could almost say she’s bi-costal.